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Klimatyzacja Maxon Comfort


The best choice when it comes to functionality and price ratio.


Improved inverter technology ensures both low cost and convenience.


Maxon guarantees quality and reliability in cooling and heating houses.


Two-year warranty for the satisfaction of all Maxon customers.

Key Benefits

A more comfortable sleep

Maxon has a special "Sleep" function, which allows you to increase the temperature (heating) or lower the temperature (cooling) by 1 ° C during the first two hours.

High energy efficiency

Maxon air conditioners achieve the A ++ energy class. SEER / SCOP are new labels that indicate the ratio of electricity invested to cooling energy received for year-round use.

More comfort thanks to Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi function allows you to control the air conditioning outside the home: turn the device on / off, control the temperature, display the internal temperature, select the mode, timer and all the functions of the remote control.


At the same time, the ionizer cleans the air and activates oxygen, thus improving the air quality and making the stay in such a space more pleasant. An air ionizer has been shown to reduce the negative energy generated by stress and make the space more pleasant to live in, both commercial and residential.

About us.

Maxon air conditioners are a guarantee of quality and reliability in cooling and heating homes. It is the best choice when it comes to functionality / price ratio. Maxon Inverter technology provides both low cost and comfort.

For over 10 years, the MAXON brand has been supplying air conditioning to households throughout Croatia and Europe.

Maxon is an air conditioning brand supported by MB Frigo air conditioning specialists with over 35 years of experience. MB Frigo Group is the main distributor of Maxon air conditioners and provides full technical support and spare parts.

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